At BAAF ADR Consult, We Believe in building relationship through dispute resolution using the PULSE Process.

We are Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Capacity Building specialist. Appropriate as against Alternative Dispute Resolution because we assess the most appropriate method to resolve a dispute and apply the needed tested methodology in building the required lasting relationship between parties. We are specialist in using the PULSE mediation and arbitration methodology where we facilitate in letting People Use Language Skills Effectively, in resolving disputes.

The PULSE process

  • is FLEXIBLE;  works best on POSITIVE ENERGY (AI);
  • is DEPENDABLE (ie it works when followed);
  • brings WARMTH interpersonal relationships (ie between the parties after it’s over);
  • is a SAFETY net and PERFECT way for parties to have a conversation;
  • There is always LIGHT at the end of the process


We also use Organization Development tools in helping organizations build capacity in making their staff collaborate effectively for enhanced performance and taking control of their own internal processes and development of the organization.


Building Lasting Relationships for a Better World.


To create the desired and preferred future state in relationship in the midst of dispute resolution and capacity building, using tested methodologies to the benefit of all parties to make the world a better place.

Our values

Confidentiality     : We remain confidential in our dealings with all parties at all times.

Warmth              :  We exude warmth in dealing with all parties at all times.

Independence     : We remain independent of the issue at all times.

Fairness                : We remain fair in our process and to all parties at all times.

Patience              : We remain patient in reaching the desired result at all times

Optimism            : We remain optimistic in reaching a both win solution at all times.

Determination   : We remain determined in reaching the desired outcome at all times.


Let us take it from here.

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